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Welcome to Ente Radio

"Ente Radio 91.2" is a Community Radio Station (CRS) formed under the initiative of Kerala Rural Development Agency (KRDA) with the support of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India.To benefit the women-folk of coastal areas, this CRS broadcasts a variety of programs on education, environment, health, agriculture etc.With the motto “Social Intelligence for Societal Change",KRDA Community Ente Radio 91.2 operates in the rural sector as well as the urban area having around 30 kilometers of Karunagappaly Taluk in Kollam District of Kerala in India with a frequency range of 91.2 Hz. As a community radio we focus on giving voice to people who do not have access to mainstream media to express their views on community development.In addition to promoting the right to communicate, expediting the process of community awareness, assisting the free flow of information and acting as a catalyst of change, it also upholds creative growth and democratic spirit at the community level.